Hey beautiful spirit,


My zone of genius is in taking an integrative approach to your happiness and well-being. By utilizing the wisdom and intuition acquired in energy medicine, coupled with the science-based tools of positive psychology, together we can transform your feelings of boredom, emptiness, and meaninglessness into a life worth embracing.

It pains me to know that many talented and powerful women (just like you) overwork themselves into a state of unhappiness, lack of fulfillment, and stress.

So why am I so passionate about energetic healing and personal transformation to overcome burnout?

Because I was once in your shoes.

Trust me, I know what it’s like to feel,

  • Disappointed (and even angry) that you have busted your ass for the last 20+ years and this is where you ended up … how did this happen?
  • Desperate to escape at the end of the day with a bottle of wine.
  • Addicted to exercise and food just to pacify your anxiety and stress.
  • Guilty because you have one too many responsibilities and you’re not completing any one task perfectly, which makes you feel like a failure.
  • Physically depleted and approaching adrenal exhaustion which you know will lead to other hormonal imbalances and long-term health issues.
  • Emotionally strained because your life has been taken over by work, and now you find yourself not being emotionally available for your loved ones and most importantly, yourself.

And finally today, after 27 years in business and learning hundreds of lessons the hard way …I’m here to facilitate your deep transformational healing for sustainable and life-changing outcomes to move beyond burnout and experience more joy, levity, and heartfelt relationships.


What Drives Me?

Listen, I am wholeheartedly committed to supporting women who want to transform the way they show up in this world.

Sincerely, it is my honor to share any experiential knowledge or acquired resources that can make a difference in the world, and in others’ lives. I learned the hard way, and if I can spare you some of the physical and emotional pain associated with burnout then I have fulfilled my purpose. In turn, this creates an upward spiral of positivity and advancement for all women in our society.

Why should you choose me? 

Because I keep it real and applicable. My unique approach is blending energy medicine and evidence-based psychology. By taking a deep dive into your energetic systems, we can heal old traumas and limiting beliefs, and remove programming without long and drawn-out emotional setbacks. This, combined with positive psychology, is a recipe for lasting and sustainable change.

What’s My Experience?

I am a Doctor of Chiropractic with an emphasis in Functional Nutrition. I received my doctorate in 1994 from Logan College of Chiropractic, and have been in private practice ever since. I have a Certification in Positive Psychology from Whole Being Institute where I studied under Dr. Tal Ben Shahar.

I have a Master’s Degree in Intuition Medicine ® from the Academy of Intuition Medicine ® and trained under Dr. Francesca McCartney.

On a Personal Note…

In the last 10 years, I have lived in Vietnam, Colombia, and Indonesia.  Afterwards, I traveled throughout Europe pet sitting and checking items off my bucket list. The point is ... I LOVE to travel! 

I was born hearing impaired and was undiagnosed until the age of 3. I have a 50% hearing loss, and all of my education was mainstream.

All of the women in my family are overachievers and I am the youngest of 3 girls. I graduated from chiropractic school with a doctorate a week before my 25th birthday. 

While I was attending university, I took my first yoga class at 20 years old from my physics professor. I completed my Yoga Teachers Training in Bali and I currently show up on my mat at least 5 times a week. I love hot yoga!

Eric is my lovely husband, and we have been married 18 years. Our favorite part of the day is our morning yoga practice … we practice side-by-side and he motivates me to be a better person!

I am a big meditator and get cranky if I don’t practice daily. I see, know, and feel subtle energy and have been called psychic.

Discover How We Can Work Together:

I only work with a small handful of private patients at a time, and I limit my group programs to ensure that I can hold sacred space for each participant; so it is important to me that we are aligned and share similar values!

If you are interested in one of these limited spots, please take a moment and explore my group programs or various packages.


We’ll Be a Great Fit to Work Together if You Are:

  • Ready to make a lasting and sustainable transformational change and overcome burnout.
  • Accountable for your health and well-being and are willing to look at the core root of your unhealthy patterns and unhappiness.
  • Willing to invest time into yourself so you can live a more full and purposeful life.
  • Looking for non-traditional treatments and services that are outside societal norms.

I was introduced to Mary through a trusted friend. Sessions with Mary have helped me to go deeper and further in my quest to know myself.  I have shifted and healed from unconscious and conscious wounds and from the work we have done together I feel a deep connection and peace with my higher self.  Because of our work together, I feel empowered and able to face anything life has to offer me. I highly recommend sessions with Mary.

-Robin R.

I had my first intuitive session with Dr. Mary Sanders. Immediately, I sensed something very special about her, something rarely found in most clinicians. It was Mary’s complete presence and genuine concern in understanding what mattered most to me in that moment and in creating a safe space for investigation. As I now reflect on it, I actually felt her loving presence and care for days following the appointment!

-Shelley K. DDS

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