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You and I both know that there are no mistakes. You are in the right place at the right time! My name is Dr. Mary and I am an Energetic Healer and Chiropractor with an emphasis on Positive Psychology, and I am 100% committed to supporting you in your personal and spiritual transformation!

I’m on a mission to empower successful women over 40 to bounce back physically, emotionally, and energetically after attempting to balance life and work for the last 20+ years. This is known to many as, “overcoming burnout.”  

By taking a deep dive into your energetic systems, we can heal old traumas and limiting beliefs, and remove conditioned programming so you can radiate more of your authentic self as you navigate life’s transitions. You will never feel alone on your journey again!


Work with Me

Check out my programs below to see how we can work together.

Bounce Back from Burnout

Ready to blast through burnout and live a life filled with health, happiness, and purpose? In this 5 month bespoke program you will reconnect with your brilliance by embracing energy medicine and positive psychology.


Intention Room

Looking to get clear on your intentions so that you can begin your month with confidence and clarity? Join me and a strong community of like minded individuals in a 30-minute group call via Zoom the first Monday of every month to set your professional and personal intentions. This is a free event and a great way to ground your desires into the present time for powerful manifestations!


1:1 Sessions

Dive deep into your own personal healing. One-to-one sessions are available for you if you wish to have additional support with your physical, emotional, and energetic transformation. Be ready for an enlightening and magical experience!


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Mary’s energetic healings have opened a door to something I have been seeking. The focus of these healings have brought about an awareness that I connect with and know is the right path for me. Mary’s healings are powerful and have changed me and my awareness in such a positive direction. I look forward to continuing the journey and to growing my understanding.

-Lucy W

Mary respectfully connects to my energy field and during the healing, either an emotional wound I have or a question that needs attention surfaces. I always feel safe as she holds space for me and guides me through empowering, healing exercises. I feel much gratitude for her level of compassion and knowledge in energy work. I love Mary’s skills as much as her light!

-Michelle D

Mary is a gifted healer whose compassion allows the space for deep healing. Her body based approach is based on her many years of experience and her knowledge of both the physical body and the energy body. I have made incredible changes in my life that I feel are a result of my work with her. I am truly grateful.

-Cathleen W

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