Colors of The Chakras: Are They Always The Same?

chakras Aug 23, 2022
Dr. Mary Sanders
Colors of The Chakras: Are They Always The Same?

Most of us know the “textbook” colors of each chakra: the first is red, second is orange, third is yellow, fourth is green, fifth is blue, sixth is indigo, and seventh is violet. Each chakra emits an electromagnetic frequency from its energy center, which is represented by a photonic emission (in other words, colors). However, the colors emitted aren’t always as bright and brilliant as the textbooks say.

What does it mean if the chakras aren’t presenting as their usual colors?

A question I’m frequently asked is, “what does each chakra look like?” But the answer to that really depends on the health and balance of the chakra. Rarely do I get the sense that each chakra is operating as its textbook, “perfect” definition. So, I invite you to explore the notion that there are different frequencies of each chakra which changes the quality and intensity of the color, and evolves or develops as we go through our healing journeys.

For example, if your root, or second, chakra is out of balance, the traditional red color may present more muted, or more brown-toned, and less vibrant. The same is true for each of the chakras. For more information on determining which of your chakras are out of balance, and how to heal them, read more on this blog post. And for more information on healthy expressions of each chakra, as well as the basics of what they represent, you can download this free guide I created to Boosting Your Energy Centers.

How to unblock your chakras and restore balance

If you’re sensing that some of your chakras may be blocked or demonstrating unhealthy expressions, then I’d be honored to assist you with an energetic healing. Energy Medicine is a complementary alternative approach with the goal to restore the balance in the subtle energetic systems to support the physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The transformational change is unique to the individual, but it is common to experience a positive change in pain patterns, a dynamic shift in emotions, and improvement in relationships.

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