Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis: The What, Why, and How

functional blood chemistry Jun 21, 2022
Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis: The What, Why, and How

Has this ever happened to you?! 

You’re not feeling well, constantly fatigued, and concerned that something is wrong. 

In an effort to be proactive, you go to the doctor, who draws your blood, only to tell you that nothing is clinically wrong with your systems. 

I see this time and time again, and the real problem that arises is this frustrating, disempowering experience is inhibiting us from being able to truly listen to what our bodies are telling us. Our bodies have a unique ability to directly communicate their needs with us – all we have to do is learn to hear what they’re saying.

If you felt so unwell that you went to the doctor for a blood test… your body IS trying to tell you something.

Throughout modern medical history, blood tests have been the gold standard of measuring a person’s health. 

So, why is it that you’re feeling unwell, even though your blood test shows nothing wrong? And what can you do to learn the true root of your symptoms? 

What is Functional Blood Chemistry

You may be thinking, “great… another blood test that’s just going to give me the same results.” But, there’s actually a big difference between traditional blood tests and a functionally optimal blood test. 

Functional blood chemistry allows us to access the information our bodies are telling us, that traditional blood tests aren’t able to analyze. 

Traditional ranges for hematology reports (aka, blood tests), are for an average population. These ranges are not the same as your optimal levels for maintaining good health, and they’re not very effective for measuring dysfunction that will help detect problems before they become serious issues.

In other words, while traditional tests may suffice for serious medical issues for the average person, they are severely lacking in the ability to detect what’s happening on a deeper level and causing you to feel unwell. 

Why Should I do a Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis?

When you receive a functional blood chemistry report, you’re accessing information that is completely unique to YOU and your body. 

These reports assess various biomarkers over time, thus allowing you to determine your own optimal levels. They also provide a snapshot of your nutrient status, and whether or not you are trending towards or away from your optimal health. 

This is truly an invaluable tool for assessing your own personal health, observing the patterns you’ve been following, and learning what areas you need to improve in order to get closer to your own personal, optimal health. 

How to Get Started with Functional Blood Chemistry

I have chosen to work with Evexia Labs, which provides discounted standard clinician pricing plus a 3% program fee which you pay directly to Evexia. This allows you to save money! They use LabCorp for their testing centers so you will be sure to find a testing center close to your home. 

Once your blood tests have been completed and processed, they’re shared with me and a functional report is generated. Then, I interpret your results for you and curate individualized nutrient supplementation for you, as well as offer ongoing support as you embark on your journey to optimal health. 

I have always been a scientist, so it’s important to me that this process remains as scientifically accurate as possible. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that for your functional blood chemistry analysis, you work with a trained professional – like me. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can work together to uncover the true underlying causes of your symptoms, get in touch to schedule an introductory consultation at the link below.